Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A question I was asked recently...

I love to create jewelry.  I love to wear jewelry.  I love bling, always have.

I was wearing a necklace recently.  A friend of mine made it.  It is a lovely silver wire wrapped pendant with three beautiful freshwater pearls.  The pendant hangs from a simple silver chain.  It is a favorite piece of mine.

My friend, Janet, loves to make jewelry too.  She is a Jewelry Artist.  She sells her work locally and on ETSY.  She created this beautiful necklace.

I was complimented on the necklace by another friend.  The simple beauty of it.  And how everything I make is so lovely.  I told her that this necklace was designed by a friend of mine.  Before I could say another word, she asked me a question: "you make jewelry, why would you want to wear someone else's?"

That question stumped me at the time.  I said "because I like it"  in one of those responses that comes out like a meek question...ugh.

I've thought a good bit about her question since then. 

And here is what I wish I had said.

I love to create jewelry.  I love to wear jewelry.  I also ADMIRE many of the Jewelry Artisans that I have had the privilege to know, learn from, interact with, and so much more.  They make extraordinary pieces.  I buy their works of art because they are so extraordinary.  I admire the Artists and their creations.

I wish I had said that.

So, Janet, Beanzie, Brenda Sue, Harry and a few more of you....I admire you as Jewelry Artists and love to wear your creations.  And when I am complimented on your pieces, I proudly share that you are the creator of the beautiful piece I am wearing. 

And will now have no trouble explaining why.

Here is the latest piece I have purchased, and can't wait to wear!  A Brenda Sue Lansdowne signed original!


  1. That's a great piece! When I went to the polymer clay class, I stopped at B'Sue Boutiques shop and purchased a B'Sue signed piece also. :)

  2. Then you know what I mean! I wish I could have made the class. We had planned a vacation over a year prior, and it was at the same time. Sure would have liked to have met you and all the ladies!


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