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Friday, April 26, 2013

She got a Make Over!

Recently I posted a necklace on the B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook.  Which, by the way, if you have not joined, I recommend you do.  It is a great group of supportive, fun, artistic individuals from all over the world.  They are all inspiring.  There is a monthly online Challenge with a theme that I enjoy participating in, and look forward to.

The February Challenge was Kitchen Sink Jewelry.  I made a necklace and shared a picture with the group.  One of the compliments that I received included the thought that it would be nice to see what it would look like hanging around one's neck. 

I needed a "dummy".  A dress form.  Something that could accomplish showing what it looked like to wear the piece.  And future necklaces too.  There was no way I was going to use my 60 year old neck to do it. Or spend a fortune to get one.

Where to find one?  I did some "thrifting" in my daughter in laws basement....she has been in clothing retail for years....and had this dress form.  I had used it years ago, then returned it to her.   Luckily, she still had it.  It leaned sideways and would fall over, was covered with black stretchy fabric that was stained, and desperately needed a makeover!  Home she came with me.

I wish I had taken a before picture to show what she looked like then.  

Off to my husbands shop she went!  He cut off the bottom to level the form.  I tried to spray paint, then hand paint the black fabric success.  Then I found that I could cut it off.  Underneath was this great plastic body form.  I sanded, spray painted, and ta da!  She was ready for her debut.  All I needed now were some clothes to dress her.  Since she is about 5 sizes smaller than I am....a trip to the Thrift store was next.  I also dug around into some items that had once belonged to my husbands mother.  I had saved a lovely, delicate bed jacket....perfect.

Here she is.....

Sexy, huh?  I call her my husbands new girlfriend.  I am having fun dressing up my new "doll".  Not sure why I choose undergarments....but I got her a small pile of them!  Now when I find a really cute size 2 dress at the Thrift store I can live vicariously through her.  And photograph necklaces as they look when worn.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Hahah, I wish there'd been a picture of the "before", but I too always only ever think of this when it's too late. So lucky for you to get this manikin for free!

    1. Hi Sandra! I too think of these things after the fact. We have decided to name her "Lolita". It seems she is becoming somewhat of a celebrity around our house. Too funny!


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