Sunday, November 27, 2016


Time for a new look for my Blog.  

I played with color changes, placement of items and more.

Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creating with Collage

     What are these?  Necklace pendants!  The technique is called Collage.  I have been hesitant for years to try to do this.  My creative friend, Brenda Sue Lansdowne, has several You Tube videos showing how to do it.  Well, I watched them over and over.  I also looked closely at several jewelry pieces that she had made using this technique.

     First, I cut this bow shaped piece into two triangles. I used one triangle for the base of each pendant.

     Then I pulled out all kinds of pieces and parts to inspire me.  Buttons, charms, metal stamping's, pearls, rhinestones, broken earrings, and more.  I spread stuff everywhere!  Got out the glue, and away I went.

     The first one took a good bit of time.  Deciding what the main pieces would be, figuring out how to stack, balance, and give the piece visual flow.  I learned to give the glue a bit of time to set up so that the parts did not slip and slide about.

     I really had a lot of fun with these !!

Friday, November 13, 2015


     The creative challenge this November, for the B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook, is "Nature's Forest".  When I think of a forest, I think of the beauty of the night.  At night, there is a gentle beauty that can be found in the darkness of a deep blue sky dotted with stars.  A view of clarity and depth that goes on forever.  The distant sounds of an owl.  All one has to do is look up and listen.

     That experience is the inspiration for this necklace.

     To me, regardless of the season, the view of Nature's Forest, looking above, is consistent. Something that can be counted on in an ever changing world.