Friday, April 27, 2012


Ever been to a Blog Hop?  Well, here is your chance.  A group of people with blogs, in this case a group of jewelry crafters and artists, write a blog post around a central theme.  We all are having fun with this.  If you would like to enjoy the fun, just click on the links below to see the other Messy Workshop Blogs!  They will include pictures and/or videos of their creative space.

I too, have a messy workshop area.  And am proud of it!  Mike and I share our workshop in the basement.  We have "carved" out a space amidst all the boxes we have down there.   One day we plan to somehow get rid of all the boxes of "stuff" and expand our workshop space.  One day.....  

We have a great deal of fun there together.  Making jewelry has become an enjoyable hobby for both of us.  Most evenings we can be found there.  Sometimes the hours go by so swiftly that dinner becomes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches around 9:00 pm.  It is easy to lose track of time while creating.

Here is a short video of our workshop.  I missed a couple of areas, but I think you will get the idea.  Enjoy!

And here are all the other fun Messy Workshop participants!  Please stop by and take a look.  ENJOY!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snippets of Inspiration

Sometimes a song, usually from years ago, will pop into my head and just stay there for days.  Dog and Butterfly by the group Heart.  I remembered the tune, but had forgotten the words.  So, I went searching on the internet.  The lyrics really did not hold any special meaning for me.  It was the chorus line, "Dog and Butterfly" that resonated.  The visual of the dog playfully chasing a butterfly on the cover of the album.

I read a brief bio on the song, written by one of the band members.  She stated that the point of the song was "...we are always trying to grab at something higher."   I can identify with that.

Then, I forgot about the song. 

I like to create jewelry.  It is a hobby .... a way to relax.  An outlet for stress.  A way to balance my right brain with my left brain.  If that is possible.....

While pushing around piles of stuff on my work space where I like to create jewelry, I spied a ceramic dog cabochon that I had purchased.  I rummaged around in my stuff for a few other pieces to put together with the dog. 

I want to create a tangible piece that speaks of "always trying to grab at something higher."  

Necklace, brooch, bracelet....don't know yet.  I create as I go, not always starting with a design in mind.  Not always ending with the pieces I started with.  Just an idea.  I have a drawer full of ideas!  lol!

Here is a picture of some the pieces that I plan to work with:

Not the CD of course!  

The tune is now playing in my head again............

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