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Sunday, January 28, 2024

I was sorting through my personal stash of jewelry when I found this piece that I created years ago.  I love it!  And have never been able to part with it. It began with a leaf found under a Ginko tree.  The leaves are so lovely, and to me, have always triggered thoughts of exotic places.  So after pressing the leaf, it needed to be preserved. A base of hand cut brass and multiple coats of resin and color resulted in this forever Ginko leaf pendant.  The design of the necklace was based on this lovely leaf.  Vintage Japanese Red Beads, Large Freshwater Pearls and a Dragon with a red rhinestone eye were combined to provide the end result of a Statement Necklace.  The dragon and his beaded tail move freely across the leaf.  I am all about movement and color in a design.  

This is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese culture.  A good time to wear this piece and show it off.

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