Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Trashy Experience

This morning following breakfast, I was cleaning up the kitchen as usual.  Going about a routine that I have, without much thought, repeated tens of thousands of times in my life.  Today was different. 

I have always kept a trash container in the cupboard under my sink.  I grew up with the same habit.  It is a small container, lined with previously used grocery bags.  It gets emptied about twice a day because it is so small.  My son likes to kid me that I need to get a "real" trash container.

I went to remove the filled bag, when several aroma's caught my attention.  Beautiful aroma's.  Fresh coffee grounds, sweet fruity strawberry hulls, maple syrup on the edges of a few pieces of French toast, the sausage link scrapings from the frying pan.

I smiled as I enjoyed how the recent past continued to add a sensual beauty to the present. 

I doubt that I will want to make it a practice of smelling the trash. 

Today, though, I had a wonderful "trashy" experience.

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