Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bad Hair Day

I was researching the Internet this morning to find out about a vintage brooch that I own.  It has a silhouette picture of several women and a gentleman.  The scene is outdoors.  The women are dressed in 18th Century French gowns with pompadour hairstyles. 

As I continued my sleuthing, I came across the following about hair dryers.  I wonder if anyone's head was sucked into that contraption!


The article stated: "In 1890, Alexandre Godefroy, in his beauty salon in Paris, invented a machine to dry the hair in hair salons. Godefroy's blow dryer consisted in a metal bonnet, that attached to a chimney pipe of a gas stove, which blew hot air on the head. This system allowed women to dry their hair faster and to preserve designs of new kinds of hairstyles. The big size of those machines still made impossible its domestic use."
I would definitely opt for a bad hair day.