Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Swinging Chandeliers and Shoulder Dusters

 Earrings that are so long that they touch your shoulders.  Lots of movement in the design.  Called Chandeliers or Shoulder Dusters.  I have been wearing this style of earrings since the 1980's, and still do.

They are so flirty and fun.

I purchased the pair above in the Soho district of NYC in the early 1980's.  They are all metal, and pierced.  A bit heavy, four inches long from top to bottom.  Probably the shortest pair that I own. 

 Here are a pair of bodacious Shoulder Dusters.  Over six inches long!

  They are truly my favorites.  I remember wearing these in the 1980's at a party.  I thought I was all that and a bag of chips too.  Amazing what a pair of pretty earrings can do.
  Many of the same Brass stampings are still available today from my favorite purveyor of parts, Brenda Sue at
Here are few that could be used to make a pair of earrings like these.

Speaking of Brenda Sue, I purchased a pair of Chandelier Earrings from her several years ago that she had created.  I need to ask her when she created them.  They fascinate me.  The delicate vintage brass filigree, yellow enameled butterflies, and crystal accents combine to create such a romantic pair of earrings.  They are over four inches long. 

 Summer on my ears.

A couple more pairs of Shoulder Duster earrings, that are over six inches long, have been in and out of my jewelry box over the years. 
 The dark blue pair are made of plastic faceted beads, and are very lightweight.  The beads are strung together.  

  They say "time to dress up" to me.

These hoop earrings are a combination of shells, wood, glass and metal beads. 
I purchased all of these earrings over the years. 
 I plan to make a pair of them. 
A Bodacious, "Oh My Gosh" pair.
  Chandelier Earrings are the monthly challenge for the Facebook B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.  I am SO doing this!

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