Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creating with Collage

     What are these?  Necklace pendants!  The technique is called Collage.  I have been hesitant for years to try to do this.  My creative friend, Brenda Sue Lansdowne, has several You Tube videos showing how to do it.  Well, I watched them over and over.  I also looked closely at several jewelry pieces that she had made using this technique.

     First, I cut this bow shaped piece into two triangles. I used one triangle for the base of each pendant.

     Then I pulled out all kinds of pieces and parts to inspire me.  Buttons, charms, metal stamping's, pearls, rhinestones, broken earrings, and more.  I spread stuff everywhere!  Got out the glue, and away I went.

     The first one took a good bit of time.  Deciding what the main pieces would be, figuring out how to stack, balance, and give the piece visual flow.  I learned to give the glue a bit of time to set up so that the parts did not slip and slide about.

     I really had a lot of fun with these !!

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