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Friday, March 1, 2013

My First Few Days at the Riverside Artists Gallery


The Riverside Artists Gallery is closed for business on Monday.  This past Monday, I joined the other Artists doing some painting, clean up and re-arranging at the Gallery.  I enjoyed meeting many of the other members, as well as getting paint all over myself.  I had brought my paint pan, roller and a brush.  Once I was done with the white paint, my paint pan and brush was passed off to another member who needed white.  I picked up a paint pan and brush that no one was using, so I could wash it and then put in the color that I was going to need.  Off to the sink I went....turned on the water....grabbed the brush first with my right hand, and used my left hand to start squeezing out the paint with soap and water.  This was not one of the water based was an oil base product called Kilz.  What a mess!  My left hand, including my wedding ring, was coated in white.  I looked like I was wearing a white glove.  Someone found some turpentine, and I went to work on my wedding ring with a toothbrush.  I am superstitious about taking off my wedding ring.  It has been on my finger since the day Mike and I married.  By the time I was done with the toothbrush and turpentine, my ring looked finger not so good.  Keep Calm and Carry On I always say. 

I went back to painting with the others.  We were in the back room where the Art Classes are held.  All of a sudden, we heard a large crash.  The first shelf in the glass jewelry display case had broken.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  Mike stopped by later to see if I needed some lunch, and I showed him the display case.  Mike to the rescue!  He made a call, and an hour or so later, came back in with a new glass shelf.  My Hero!

Early in the morning, I brought my jewelry to the Gallery.  It was pouring down rain as I carted in several boxes!  All different types of necklace, earring and ring displays.....and of course, my jewelry.  The glass jewelry case was ready.  I arranged, rearranged, and arranged again.  Along with the tall glass jewelry case, I also had room to place my earrings on the top of the second jewelry case, and a nice pedestal where I put one of my necklaces.  The pedestal looked a bit bare, so I took the scarf that I was wearing and draped it on the pedestal.   Then, I added one of my rings to the front window display.  I like to make the big, bling ones.  I stood back.... took it all in..... and smiled. 

My first day.  I was still finding it unbelievable that I was there. 

I took some pictures, then spent some time in the Gallery office.  Several Gallery members came and went, and let me know that the jewelry and the display looked great.  What a supportive group!  That same day a pair of my earrings and a necklace sold.  There could be no better way to start my first day!

I need to get busy and make some more jewelry to fill in the rest of the display cases.  Guess my housework, etc. will just have to take a back seat.  I feel really bad about that.....NOT! 


  1. everything looks so wonderful. sounds like you had better gt busy. Isn't that Mike a keeper!

    1. Thank you Deb! He truly is a keeper. I have been so blessed to have him in my life.

  2. Everything looks fabulous! I am so very happy for you. :-)


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