Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is early morning here.  My youngest son refers to our home as "The Hidden Valley Ranch".  We don't have a ranch, or even a farm.  Just a few acres tucked into the country.  I like the peaceful, remoteness of it.  I am the only one up right now.  Hot coffee steaming in a cup next to me.  Birdsong serenading me.

My youngest son gets married this coming Saturday.  He flew from the nest many, many years ago.  I am glad that he has found this kind of happiness.

So jewelry making...creating....has gone by the wayside these past few weeks.

I am an anxious woman.  I will let the littlest of things cause me stress.  There have been a lot of little things lately.

I've been sorting buttons over the last two days.  Boxes and boxes of buttons.  Buttons I started tucking away over 40 years ago.  They have never been sorted, organized, whatever.  Just accumulated.  Like random memories.

I felt the overwhelming urge to sort them now.  I saw a lot of spare buttons.  Buttons that I had used to sew my childrens clothes, my own clothes.  Back in ancient times when I used to sew.  I saw a button that has three horizontal holes in it.  It is white.  I pondered over that button.  Set it aside while I continued to sort the other buttons.  I wondered about the history of that button.  Why it is so unlike any of the other thousands (yep, thousands) of buttons I have.

I feel like that button.  Different from all the rest, yet a button just the same.

The day my son is getting married is the same day my father died.  Thirty two years ago.  This date will soon have a smile memory.  I am looking forward to that.

And yes, the buttons are all sorted now.

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