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Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye to Facebook

I have been reading a blog where the person does not use capitals, punctuation, etc.  I like that.  I am going to mimic that approach.....

i have decided to leave just takes too much time.... time i would rather spend doing other things...... my friends and family connect with me via phone, email, and even snail mail ..... the rest live locally, so we spend time together 

i like this idea of just typing as i think without the caps, punctuation, is more like talking than writing

i started facebook in 2010 in order to join a few others who were creating jewelry ....  the group grew.....   i have enjoyed sharing and learning from them all our jewelry group, we all have a common leader, mentor, friend in brenda sue landsdowne ...... she owns and runs my fave online supply site, b'sue boutiques ....i think she is a true artisan and a terrific person

i plan to keep posting some of my jewelry to the b'sue boutiques flickr album
you can find it here

i also plan to blog every once in a while

that said....i want to share a personal experience

many of you know that my son married in may ...... a beautiful woman in every new and only daughter

i caught a moment of them together.....a random oh my goodness moment

they were helping us at our place to do some outside work that requires a strong back and limber knees.....something my husband and i no longer have

they were walking towards our pole building...their backs to me....i watched as they walked, each one put an arm around the other....then slide them down into hand holding

they continued to walk together.....the two as one

it was one of those experiences for me where time slows..... all my other senses seem to be on hold while my eyes feast upon what is before them.... and my heart obtains a new precious memory

i thought about the past.... how i wonder if anyone had noticed my young son and i walking while we held hands....

i realized that i held his hand when he was young to show him that i loved him, to keep him safe and close to me

i thought about the present.....their holding hands because they love each other, to keep close to one another

i imagined the on each side of me, holding my hands, keeping me safe and close to them


  1. A break from Facebook is not a bad thing, if you need it. If you are not promoting an online business, it's not a necessary thing. On the other hand, if you can set a time and limit it, you can stay in touch handily with many creative friends, as well as promote the Farmer's Market. At this time, however, it may be a good thing to take a summer time break and not worry about it. You just went to school and learned a lot of great new techniques. Work on them, fill up your store at the Market, and when you have time, share some pix w us at the Creative Group, and I'll share them on my FB Fan page....I already have. ;-) XXOO love you Miss Kate!

    1. Thanks so much Brenda Sue! You are the BEST! I plan to continue sharing with the Creative Group, and join your Blog Hops! Love you too! Kate


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