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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party 2013 - I'm participating!!

I am SO excited!  I will be participating in the annual online Bead Soup Blog Party this year.  My first time!  It is held by Lori Anderson.  She is an Artisan Jewelry Designer, and the Author of the Book "Bead Soup - 32 Projects Show What Happens When 26 Beaders Swap Their Stash". 

People from all over the world sign up, and this year there are over 500 people participating.  And I am one of them!   Whooo Hoooo!

It goes like this:

I will be paired by Lori with another person who is participating.  We will send each other a "Bead Soup" of beads and components from our own stash.  Neither one of us will know what the other is sending.  Then, according to some basic guidelines, I will create a piece of jewelry from the stash that I receive.  Every one else will do the same.

I can't wait to get my goodies!

I will share a picture of them when they get here.  And continue to post about the fun, the challenges I have with this, and the reveal dates for the finished pieces of jewelry.

I am so excited! (and nervous!)

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