Friday, February 8, 2013

My jewelry will be at the Riverside Art Gallery

I am so excited!  The Riverside Art Gallery in Marietta has accepted me as a new member.  My jewelry will be in the glass showcase beginning in March!  I can hardly believe that this is happening.

Last month, one of the Gallery members saw me wearing my jewelry.  (like Brenda Sue always says...don't go anywhere without wearing your jewelry!)  She complimented my necklace, bracelet and ring.  Yep, I was decked out.  I told her about how I enjoy making jewelry, and have a booth at the local Farmers Market.  She told me that the Gallery was looking for a jewelry artist, and would I consider applying.  I thought she was kidding.  Besides, I told her I was no artist.  (ok, so that was the wrong thing to say...).  She told me some general information about the Gallery, and asked me to think about it.

Well, I thought about it, and thought no way.  Besides, I did not feel I would make it through the jury process.  And I did not really want to deal with the rejection.

The following Saturday, she and another Gallery member went to the Farmers Market to see my jewelry.  I did not know they were going there, and I did not see them because I was home sick that day.  My daughter in law said "Oh my gosh!  They shopped you!"  She manages a retail store, so I guess that is pretty cool thing to do.

Several days later, Cathy called me.  Asked me to consider bringing in some pieces for the Board to Jury.  I said I would think about it.  Mike and I talked about it, and decided to try it.

I was just jumping around with anxiety and excitement....trying to decide what pieces to take for them to review.  I was checking all my jump rings to make sure they were perfectly closed....stuff like that....putting everything under a "microscope".

Mike and I went, filled out the initial paperwork and left the jewelry.  She said they would call me later that week to let me know the results.  Thank goodness for Mike and his support!

That week, every time the phone rang, I didn't know if I wanted to answer it or not.  Then the call came.  I had been accepted.

I will be the only person there with jewelry.  They have multiple, but not duplicate, hand made local art.

The Riverside Artists Gallery in Marietta, Ohio is on Facebook and they have a website

I still can hardly believe this is happening!


  1. That is just so EXCITING for you!!! Congratulations and have a lot of fun!!! Can you get pictures of your set up? I would love to see them!!

  2. Thank you Robin! I plan to share pictures sometime next month here on the Blog, and on Facebook. I am very grateful for the opportunity to branch out in my community. There will be so many new people to meet!

  3. This is wonderful, Kate! I'm so glad you decided to enter, even though it was very intimidating for you. Now you will be the ONLY jewelry artist showing and that's impressive! I am so happy and excited for you! Thank you for sharing your story - it's inspiring!

    1. Thank you Pasha! I am still pinching myself to make sure this is really happening! I am busy getting ready...setup, inventory, etc. so that I can take everything to the Gallery. I should be in and ready to go by first of March. I have to take a picture of myself, and do a bio for them to post on FB, their webpage, etc. I do not like pictures of myself...maybe they will accept one of my cat! lol!

  4. What a great opportunity! Selling your jewelry in a gallery will open a whole new world for you.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I am looking so forward to all the people I will get a chance to meet! Yes, a whole new world for sure!


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