Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Glenwood Retirement Community Christmas Bazaar

I had a booth at The Glenwood Retirement Community Christmas Bazaar yesterday.
The Glenwood show buzzing with shoppers
I really enjoy being one of the participants in this yearly show. It is such a beautiful place and they serve you a gourmet lunch at no cost, AND their is no cost for your table.   This kind of opportunity to sell jewelry is rare.  I am fortunate to be asked back year after year.
I had THREE tables this year!  They were covered with white linen table cloths, and situated on the left as people came in through the entry way.  I met so many lovely people.  Residents as well as other vendors.  The new Event Co-coordinator for Glenwood, Teresa, talked me into teaching a Jewelry class there next January.           
 Now THAT will be a challenge for me!
My Bling Fairy was there with me.  In front of her is a Portfolio/Scrapbook of color photos showing some of my Jewelry Creations, and a few of what I call my "Atta Girl" letters, newspaper articles, etc. 

Here is something I would do differently!  On the Displays of Jewelry Sets I had hand written a large tag with the price, etc.  In the future, I plan to do a better presentation/representation for a set. (The dark rectangle on the left is a mirror...the camera did this!)
Lolita, my display model was an attention draw and a great conversation starter.  She was wearing a matching Necklace and Earring set.  I hung the earring card from one of those over-sized pins once used on plaid skirts back in my younger days.
I used my modified lamp to display multiple necklaces.  I am so glad Mike made me a couple.  I saw them on Pinterest.  What a great idea!
I brought decorative boxes for my stuff.  Wrapping paper, money, tissues, breath mints, band aids, phone charger, and more were right there if I needed them.  No bending under the table this time to get something.

I had fun, met some new people, got some future opportunities, ate good food, and sold some jewelry!  What a great day!


  1. Looks beautiful! Having three tables is wonderful as each piece can be spotlighted. I love your decorative box idea. This girl is getting too old to squat! Susan Bowerman

  2. Wonderful blog, Kate. Love all the photos.

  3. love your blog Kate


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