Sunday, February 22, 2015

A New Year and A New Look

I made this necklace in December 2013.  Icy, cold winter sunsets with shades of pale pink, inspired me to create this piece at that time. 

I have taken it to several venues to sell.  No one purchased it.  So.. a few weeks ago, I brought it home to keep it for awhile, with plans to offer it for sale at another time.  When I got home, I noticed that it seemed to tangle easily.  I found that frustrating and decided that the design needed to be changed.  Maybe that was why it had not sold.

To the workshop it went.  I removed several pieces, played around with the design, and ended up with a three piece set.
No more tangle issues.  And what I think to be more of a streamlined design for the necklace, with the bonus of matching pieces.  Sometimes it makes sense to re-purpose my own work.

I have included this redesign in the "New Year...New Look" Challenge with the Facebook Creative Group, lead by Brenda Sue of B'Boutiques.  Here is the link to her Facebook page: .


  1. I LOVE your New Look .. beautiful Kate

  2. The redesign turned out beautifully Kate. Love it!! Great job.

  3. The redesigned necklace "flows" much better and the set is gorgeous! Great job.

  4. This is a wonderfully redesigned piece Kate.

  5. This set is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I am a major fan of your artwork for sure Ms. Kate!


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